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Bike Parking

Unfortunately, we can’t ride our bikes forever

If you want to bike Pittsburgh, you’ll probably have to bike park in Pittsburgh too. Here are some resource’s we’ve compiled to help you keep bikes safe:

  1. How to keep your bike safe
  2. Where to park your bike
  3. PGH’s bike parking Ordinance
  4. Request a bike rack or bike corral from the City
  5. Buy a bike rack!

Love your bike? Lock it right!

Doctors agree, getting your bike stolen causes severe sadness, stress, and irritability. Avoid these symptoms by following these do’s and don’ts:


  • SFBC Bike Parking DiagramDo use a U-lock, or NY-strength chain lock, or better yet, two types of locks
  • Do lock your frame, to your wheel, to something secure.
  • Do make sure it’s locked to something undoubtably secure. Fences can be cut. Railings can be broken. Sign posts and meters can be lifted up.
  • Do secure your seatpost and remove any lights and pump/bags from your bike.


  • This is the wrong way to lock your bike.  Secure your frame.  Hillman Library

    Outside the Hillman Library: This front wheel isn’t going anywhere!

    Don’t ever leave your bike unlocked; whether its on you porch, in your garage or outside the store when you’ll “just be a second.”

  • Don’t lock your bike using only a cable lock. Period. do your bike a favor and spend $25 on a quality U-lock.
  • Don’t lock to a chain link fence. The links can easily be cut.
  • Don’t lock only your wheel, unless that’s the only part of your bike you want to keep.
  • If you’re commuting to work, and you don’t have a bike room, don’t lock your bike in the same place everyday.
  • Don’t lock your bike to a tree. There’s a better place to

Now that you’ve read these tips, its a great time to contact your council person and let them know that you want to see more secure places to lock your bike in your neighborhood.

Here are some cornerstone resources on safe bike locking.



Bike Pittsburgh is working with the city of Pittsburgh to install bike racks throughout the city. In early 2010, we secured a major victory mandating that bike parking would require new and change-in-use buildings in the city of Pittsburgh to install bike parking.

Downtown Parking

All of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority Garages (except the Grant St Station) have free sheltered bike racks, some even near an attendant. Click here to see a map of all of the garages.

3rd Avenue Garage Bike Parking Facility

Downtown, near Market Square. This facility offers 50 new parking spaces for cyclists. This project transformed an unused space on the ground level of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority’s Third Avenue Garage – located only a block from Market Square – into a much-needed bike parking facility for cyclists. The bike station includes two areas: a free, public area that offers a bike fix-it station and space for approximately 30 bikes, as well as a premium parking area available by annual lease ($100/year) that offers secure, weather-protected storage lockers and parking for up to 24 bikes. Access to this secured area is via a magnetically locked door, which is opened through the use of a proximity badge. Interested residents are asked to call 412-560-2504 for more details.

Century Building Bike Parking Center

The Century Building on 7th and Penn, Downtown offers secure covered bike parking inside repurposed shipping containers.  For $100 per year, you can rent a space inside the container where only you and the other renters have 24-hour access. There is also a large number of free, outdoor covered bike parking spaces at this location as well. Click here for more details


Parking on the University Campuses

University of Pittsburgh – Information on parking on Pitt’s campus as well as how to get access to their Secure Bicycle Lockers.
Carnegie Mellon University Info on their bicycle policy and parking on campus as well as info on access to their secure bicycle lockers

Purchasing and Installing Bike Racks

You can support BikePGH’s advocacy efforts when you buy a bike rack through us. Click here to find out all you need to know about buying and installing bike racks.

City of Pittsburgh Bike Rack Request Program

We worked with the City of Pittsburgh to create a bike rack request program.  Businesses can request a FREE bike rack for their building that will be installed for public use.  Click here for more information.

Valet Bicycle Parking

A service that we offer is Valet Bicycle Parking for large events. Click here to find out more.